Mar 25, 2019

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Post in Turing Church group on Facebook on 24th March, 2019

Well you know I have just had an epiphany of sorts. I have just realized what is responsible for all the paranormal phenomena that we experience in our ‘real’ world. It is the probability waves of quantum mechanics. They are responsible for the DNA Phantom Effect, Luc Montagnier’s DNA waves and water, Rein’s Psi activity in the DNA, mirror neurons, Sheldrake’s morphogenic resonance, mental telepathy, the sense of being stared at, animals that know when their owner is coming home, birds and fish that can migrate from one part of the world to another, the group activity of bees and fish and termites and ants, the phenomenal animal magnetism of individuals in the past like Mesmer, Aleister Crowley and many cult leaders like Charles Manson and David Koresh. It’s all about the probability waves of quantum mechanics surfacing in our macroscopic world as a ‘force field’. Everything that science currently cannot explain is due to this force field which is the probability waves of quantum mechanics surfacing in our macroscopic world. And the ultimate message in all of this is – things ain’t what they appear to be.

Post in Turing Church on Facebook on 25th March, 2019

So why would paranormal phenomena like animal magnetism, Sheldrake’s morphogenic resonance, birds being able to ‘see’ the earth’s magnetic field while migrating, mental telepathy at great distance etc be due to quantum probability waves surfacing as a ‘force field’ in the macroscopic world? Well the fact is nobody knows what magnetic field lines actually are. A magnet is created when all the electrons in a metal align in a certain direction and then it has a positive and a negative pole. And then you do the iron filings trick and you find there are magnetic field lines. And that’s about the extent of their knowledge. And we are told that the Earth has a magnetic field. So does this mean that all the electrons in the Earth are aligned in a certain direction? I don’t think so. So the Earth’s magnetic field is a complete mystery. And yet scientists attempt to explain a whole slew of extraordinary capabilities of animals fish and birds in terms of the Earth’s magnetic field. Essentially they are explaining minor mysteries by appealing to a major mystery. We do know that magnetism has to do with electrons which are quantum particles, whence I derive the theory that the Earth’s magnetic field is a ‘force field’ created by quantum probability waves operating in the macroscopic world. If a scientist in the macroscopic world makes an ‘observation’ to explain mental telepathy at a distance for example, the measuring machine will give a ‘result’ representing what ‘probably’ occurred.

Post in Turing Church on Facebook on 26th March, 2019.

Well here’s the thing. In last weeks New Scientist there was an article – Our Brains might sense the Earth’s magnetic field just like birds do. “Joseph Kirschvink at the California Institute of Technology in the US and colleagues found that altering the directions of nearby magnetic fields caused temporary changes in human brain activity. While sitting still in a dark room, participants’ brain activity was recorded using electroencephalography (EEG), while electromagnetic coils were used to create magnetic fields. The experiment mimicked the magnetic field changes we are subject to when we move about in the real world, says Kirschvink. The direction and intensity of Earth’s magnetic field varies by geographical location. For example, at the magnetic north pole, one of two poles where the magnetic field is the strongest, the direction of the field points vertically downwards, into the ground. In the wider northern hemisphere, this vertical angle changes but the magnetic field is always skewed downwards – meaning that when you hold a compass horizontally, the end pointing north is slightly pulled down. The south-pointing end of some compasses in the northern hemisphere are weighted to compensate for the pull. When the team exposed people to a downward-pointing magnetic field, they saw changes in brain wave patterns when they rotated the field horizontally in a counterclockwise direction . The team measured alpha waves – present when we are awake but relaxed and with closed eyes – before and after a 100 millisecond change in magnetic field, and found a drop in amplitude in the waves in some people following the rotation. But no participants showed brain changes when the magnetic field was rotated clockwise, a finding the researchers can’t explain. Rotating an upwards-pointing magnetic field didn’t cause a change either, which the team speculates may be because the participants’ brains were attuned to the magnetic field of the northern hemisphere, where they conducted the study.”

So the takeaway from all this is if you are an Arctic tern that makes a return trip of around 44,000 miles from pole to pole each year, flying between its breeding grounds in Greenland in the north and the Weddell Sea on the shores of Antarctica in the far south you are in someway smarter than humans cos when you cross the Equator your brain waves change and tells you how to navigate to The Weddell Sea. Actually the takeaway in all this is that our brain waves and the ‘force field’ that is the Earth’s magnetic field are correlated. In fact they are a unified force field composed of the probability waves of quantum mechanics. This is the Theory of Everything. As viewed from the north pole star Polaris, Earth turns counter clockwise. Umm.

Our Brains might sense the Earth’s magnetic field just like birds do

Post in Quantum Computing on Facebook on 27th March, 2019

So let’s see what a probability wave to simulate navigation by means of magnetic field lines would look like. We’ll leave aside the question how the arctic tern evolved an instinct to take its summer vacation in the Weddell Sea in Antarctica. We’ll leave the answer to that question to really smart people like Richard Dawkins with his random genetic mutations. What we’ll do is the ‘rocket science’ involved in navigating from Greenland to the Weddell Sea and back by means of the Earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic north pole is in north Canada about 900 miles from Greenland. The Weddell Sea is the South Atlantic Ocean and the magnetic south pole is located on the other side of Antarctica about 900 miles away. Let us assume a magnetic core with the electrons aligned running thru the Earth. For the Arctic tern to set out in Greenland with a compass on its back the needle of that compass would be pointing at the North Pole in Canada 900 miles away. It has an ‘instinct’ to fly at say a 10⁰ angle to the Earth’s magnetic field lines to get to the Weddell Sea. Let us assume it would take 40 days if it flew directly to the Weddell Sea flying night and day. That’s 40 revolutions of the Earth on its geographical axis. That’s 40 times the core magnetic field of the Earth has rotated. Viewed from the side the core magnetic field of the Earth would look like two cones touching at the apex. In order to actually fly directly to the Weddell Sea the tern would have to be constantly changing its flight path in order to maintain its instinctive 10⁰ angle to the core magnetic field. Meanwhile the compass on its back has not deviated from pointing at the magnetic north pole. I don’t believe any human being could do the math. If a computer did the math and showed the flight path in a 3-D graph it would look like a corkscrew with 40 revolutions with wide amplitudes of turns at both ends and narrowing in the middle. The math would be even more complicated than what the NASA people do to do a moon landing. And this is a bird brain that’s doing all that math. In fact their flight paths are a 1000 more times complicated than that. They drift all over the place to take advantage of prevailing winds. And they take pit stops. I don’t believe the most powerful computer in the world could actually do the math to compute their flight path on the fly – maybe in the future a quantum computer could do it. This is why I say birds navigating by means of magnetic field lines is what ‘probably’ happens. In fact these terns are drawn towards the Weddell Sea by some sort of supraphysical ‘force field’ which can only be the probability waves of quantum mechanics actually computed by a quantum computer.

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Post in Quantum Computing on Facebook on 27th March, 2019

Again I’m criticized for off-topic post. With the greatest respect to yourselves and Feynman I am going to rephrase his original question that actually started all this talk about quantum computers. Feynman asked the following question: can a classical, universal computer simulate any physical system, like the migration of a flock of birds? And in particular, what about quantum systems, like migrating birds navigating using the Earth’s magnetic field? Well I presented to you the hypothetical flightpath of a single arctic tern navigating using the Earth’s magnetic field. In a real physical system there could be hundreds of them. They are all accelerating and decelerating due to weather conditions and prevailing winds. They are flying in a curve so they involve double differentiations over time of Riemann’s 3-D curvature equations. To perfectly simulate the system the differentiations should be over every interval of Planck time. In order to simulate the Earth’s magnetic field you would have to simulate the magnetic core thru the Earth with all the electrons aligned only then would you have a precise simulation of the magnetic field lines. This is ridiculous you will say. We will never build a quantum computer that can do this. This is all more complex than Einstein’s Field Equations. Yet all these migrating birds with all their little birdbrains solve these equations all the time on the fly. Maybe if you want to build a quantum computer that answers Feynman in the positive – you should build a birdbrain!?

bird brain technologies

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