In this paper an extensive amount of evidence is presented that our genome, and in particular the DNA acts as a quantum computer. The human genome contains approximately 3 billion A-T and G-C base pairs, which reside in the 23 pairs of chromosomes within the nucleus of our cells. And it is estimated that only a fraction (about 4%) of these base pairs is involved in the synthesis of proteins. The prevailing scientific view is that the remainder of the DNA is just “junk”. Here is presented a great deal of evidence about the electronic as well as the quantum mechanical properties of DNA, and once it is accepted that the DNA is an electronic medium, which is operating over and above the mere synthesis of proteins, then it is but a short step to surmise that all the so-called junk DNA is actually capable of storing a sufficient amount of data to generate an entire universe. Given the fact that our universe is computer generated and virtual, that makes us, indeed all living creatures, pseudophysical robots, and certain properties of our universe such as Gravity and Time purely fictitious. From this point of view then the famous discourse in Thus Spoke Zarathustra ‘Of the Vision and the Riddle’ becomes readily explainable. Zarathustra talks about the Spirit of Gravity as a dwarf that has jumped on his back and is oppressing him. It the jumps off his back and he is able to see our supposedly physical life for what it is – a fiction and illusion. Likewise the now, the current moment in time in which we are living is referred to as the “gateway” between a fictitious computer-generated past and a hypothetical, as yet undetermined future. An explanation is also given for “eternal recurrence”. Nietzsche is prophesizing that genetic technology will advance to the point where we humans will be cloned from our DNA when we die, and we will be able to live an infinite number of lifetimes. We will be reincarnated.

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